I am a Goddess of crystal and healing energies. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am also a daughter, a sister and a friend. I intuitively hold space for and use my abilities to empower and inspire healing.


My journey is not always walked on an enchanted magical path. The trail is sometimes strewn with darkness, pain and adversity that I, alone, have to challenge. The confluence of my shadow side and higher self create that which is my truest essence.  


I know laughter and joy, strength and courage and the capacity to face life with passion. Through my efforts to find compassion - I discovered and connected into abilities from deep within myself.  I surround myself with the positive and kind energy of those who influence my growth.  I am someone who is committed in this life, and continue to heal and hold space for others in their healing.  


I am a hopeless romantic who embraces the light in others. I am an adventurous soul with country roots that are deeply connected to animals and mother earth. My passion extends beyond the power of sacred geometry, crystal energies, vibrational sound healing and intentions – it culminates in fully embodying the combination of holistic modalities that bring about harmonious transformation.  


I enjoy powerful collaborations by means of creating scared healing spaces. I am a being embracing life on all levels; continuing to grow spiritually and connect on this journey - truly feeling it is an honour to share with those ready to awaken themselves. Life offers ebbs and flows of challenges and triumphs.


Recognize that it is often in the darkest of times that your light shines the brightest.